Baked to perfection

Baked to Perfection is Gingermon’s newest album, a perfect mix of plenty musical styles. The album merges lid pop, rock, country, EMD, and plenty of other genres with a constant reggae cross drum pattern across all his songs. Gingermon honors reggae music as well through the uplifting messages and the connections built between the spirit and the physical world. The album features songs such as “Folsom Prison” which has a jolly tune despite it’s contrasting message about prison reform. Other songs such as “Sativa” and “Miracle” stay rather light and mellow to give the album an array of messages and sound.

Artist: Gingermon
Genre: Reggae
Releasedate: 2019

Available lyrics

Classic reggae with a twist

A fun beachside song

Features a catchy beat

Funky mix to a traditional reggae

An uplifting composition

A positive message on life

Combines a country-like and jolly tune to a tough message

Features a mellow sound

A catchy and delicate tune to a reggae lyrical sound

A classic beachside reggae sound

A contrasting uplifting sound for a heartbreaking song

A slower version with the talented Predator Dub Assassin

A largely instrumental version twist to the classic song

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