Who Is Gingermon

May 2, 2019

Gingermon is a US reggae artist from Great Lakes region of Cleveland. He uses Gingermon as a stage name but is otherwise known as Tim Gande. His long-time passion for music and the genre has allowed his career to flourish and succeed. He has performed in many notable cities such as Los Angeles, Nashville,  New Jersey, The Bahamas, and Hawaii. He has immensely grown in a short period, as he launched his first album in 2017. This album, titled “Gingermon” is a full-length album that inspired reggae offerings. His songs perfectly capture a steady Rock drum, familiar Americanized lyrics, and reggae influence. The outcome is a very musically-different sound that makes him unique. He combines different styles while fully embracing the reggae culture. Reggae focuses on uplifting the listener, making them align with the spirit and the physical world. He is able to do just this through all his song. As you might say… his album is “baked to perfection”.


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Tour dates


Jun - Ausbury Park, NJ


Jun - Wildwood, NJ


Jun - Carolla, NC


Jun - Ocracoke Island, NC


Jun - Ocean City, MD


Jun - Brick, NJ